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We created ALOHABRITE to make smile care a fun and relaxing experience. Every bit of the ALOHABRITE products are designed and formulated to create a massage "Ahhhhh" experience for your smile. We use pure, natural ingredients so you will smile even bigger while cleaning your pearly whites.

We have been determined to find a way to use a balance of nature and science to heal our mouths. And to stop using dental products off the shelves that are filled with toxic ingredients and badditives.  

Our founder is a dentist and a mother in Hawai’i who understands the importance of a pure mouth, mind, body and spirit. Every product is carefully crafted on the island of Maui, so you can feel the aloha spirit every day.

From our founder:

"I have been searching for natural, therapeutic oral care products for my little one for years. I tried every product on the market and could not find anything that was safe, clean and scientificially proven help strengthen enamel. By starting ALOHABRITE, my goal was to create a plastic free oral care routine with safe and effective products that preserve the integrity of virgin teeth. That's right, in my humble dentist opinion, virgin teeth are far superior to any filling, crown, veneer or implant. In other words, there is a drill free way of having a perfect smile!

It took me 15 years of global research and development to finalize the unique formulation in our ALOHABRITE products. As a child, I grew up watching my entrepreneurial mother and chemical engineer father do their awesome work. My father had a chemistry lab in our home. I loved seeing all the beautiful glass vials, scales, and watching the chemical reactions. Over the past 20 years, his guidance has helped me create these therapeutic oral care products that are rooted in nature and science.

I then followed in my father's footsteps and entered university as a chemical engineering student. I spent many hours in chemistry labs and put this education to use in formluating the perfect ALOHABRITE oral care products that my child and I could both use. My organic chemistry professor in college had us bring in our snacks and toothpastes, read the labels of the packages, and draw out the chemistry of every ingredient in the packages. I couldn't believe what was in the products we use!  Detergents, toxins, soaps, thickeners, bad chemicals, artificial flavors, etc. Since this time, I have read labels of everything that goes in our mouths.  And if you read the labels of tubes of toothpaste and oral care products, you may also be surprised to learn what these ingredients are that we put in our bodies.

As a dentist in private practice for the past 15 years, I have patients concerned with their stained front teeth who ask me about veneers, crowns and whitening. The first thing I ask them is if they wipe their teeth off after drinks and meals. I have found that simply wiping (or "swiping") the teeth off with ALOHA SWIPES cleans off plaque and stains that cause cavities for both myself and my little one.

When I was traveling the world, working with local communities to provide oral health education, I also learned about natural healing and natural oral care.  In Kenya, the children use an "mswaki" from a tree as a toothbrush without any paste, as the branch has natural antiseptic properties.   In India,  they use a datoon or neem twig and natural herbs.  Ancient Hawaiians used ginger root for tooth healing. Egyptians used marjoram for toothaches.  And so on...

My dream has been to create and share my knowledge of natural oral care products that I have used for decades to keep teeth sparkling clean. And to share my understanding of toxic ingredients and chemicals in the toothpastes and brands that exist right now. Many of these brands use the words "natural" and "organic" but are full of badditives, toxins and chemicals. By starting ALOHABRITE, we want to change that and keep our bodies pure and healthy, starting with our mouth. Pure ALOHA."


Our passion is creating natural, sparkly smiles. Aloha!