Because taking care of your teeth should be FUN and relaxing. Like getting a massage, we want ALOHABRITE™ to feel like a massage for your smile. Your smile will be thanking you every day that you use the purest ALOHABRITE™ ingredients. So enjoy the new brushing experience, ALOHA style!

Zero waste. Plastic free.  Vegan.  Cruelty free.  Fluoride Free.  Sulfate Free.  PFAS free.  Paraben free.  Phthalate free.  Artificial sweetener free.  Badditives free.  Dentist-formulated.  Glass packaging. 

Alkaline. Biocompatible. Microbiome Balancing.

We are proud that ALOHABRITE™ products are the world's first biocompatible, badditive free, alkaline dental care products. What does this mean? 

nHAp (Nanohydroxyapatite): Hydroxyapatite is a natural science based ingredient that has been used for decades to increase bone density. Hydroxyapatite mineral is a natural component of teeth and bone. It is commonly used in biomedical applications such as oral surgery and orthopaedic surgery, including spine surgery. Our products are formulated with this same hydroxyapatite mineral that helps grow new enamel crystals in your teeth, making them whiter and stronger. Microscopic sized nano particles of hydroxyapatite (<50nm) can reach far into the tiny openings of the teeth that cause sensitivity.  The hydroxyapatite reaches into these openings and replaces calcium and phosphate minerals missing in teeth enamel. ALOHABRITE™ has now combined this science and technology with nature to help your teeth stay strong and white. 

What sets us apart from other products with hydroxyapatite?
We use the smallest size nHAp (Nanohydroxyapatite) (<50nm) in the highest percentage (10% and higher) to ensure it has the greatest possible positive effect on teeth strengthening and whitening.

Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial that has been used for generations to keep mouths clean and pure.  It also has that smooth, aloha feel of coconuts, taking you straight to paradise!

Acidic (or low pH) environments are the perfect places for cavity causing bacteria to party all night...making holes in our teeth!  Much of the food we eat has acids that constantly attack our teeth and cause cavities. 

Alkaline (or high pH) environments keep that acidic loving bacteria away from our mouths. The baking soda in our products is perfect for our mouths because of its alkalinity and ability to keep these cavity causing bacterias away from our pearly whites! 


We recommend you always read the label of your toothpaste and see what's in the tube. If you don't know what's inside your toothpaste, don't use it. 

ALOHABRITE™ believes in PURE ingredients. We avoid using these ingredients in your dental care products:

X Plastic tubes. Plastic resin, which is part of the manufacturing and recycling process, and comes from petroleum, can leak into toothpaste and floss stored in plastic or recycled plastic containers. Also, the BPA in the plastic can leak into the products and enter your mouth and then your whole body. Recycled plastic still ends up in the landfill stays on the earth for years. So we say "No thank you" to plastic!

X Glycerin: Glycerin is a humectant, commonly made from animal fat or vegetable oil. It is usually the first ingredient listed in toothpastes, meaning it likely comprises the majority of the tube. ALOHABRITE™  has found a way to avoid using glycerin in our toothpaste and serum and use ingredients that are therapeutic for your teeth and mouth. Some healthcare providers have also noted that glycerin leaves a coating so teeth can’t absorb calcium and other ingredients. 

X Triclosan: Triclosan is a chemical used as an antibacterial, in detergents and toothpastes.  It is toxic to algae and aquatic bacteria. The FDA has ongoing studies evaluating the safety of this chemical.  We feel it is safest to stay away from this chemical.

X Sodium Cocoyl Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: SLS or sulfates are surfactants, cleansing agents that creates lather. SLS is foaming, corrosive, and harmful to skin tissue. Who needs soap in their mouth? We prefer to avoid these irritating foaming ingredients.

X Xanthan gum: Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide, sugar based polymer produced by bacteria.

In summary, no "Badditives" ever!

*Patent Pending*


Feel the "ALOHA" spirit with every brush! .