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When you can't brush, SWIPE!  
*Patent pending*

  • Swipe and Shine for your pearly whites!
  • Stop coffee/tea/wine stains on the spot!
  • Prevent cavities 
  • Biodegradable, Plastic Free. Zero Waste. 
  • Dentist formulated and designed on the beautiful island of Maui.
  • On-the-go natural smile freshner. 
  • Perfect for children and furry friends also! 
  • Infused with unique enamel strengthening and whitening formula. *Patent Pending
  • 2% nHAp and coconut oil infused in every swipe.
  • Swipes are DRY, just like floss! They grab onto and clean off grimy plaque and stains.
  • Swipes are Dry, so no worries about TSA. 
  • Swipes love to travel with you!  Perfect size for carrying in purse, pocket or car. 
  • Recommend Haupia Coconut flavor for Babies and Furry Friends.
  • Fluoride free. Vegan.  Cruelty free.  Sulafte free. Glycerin free.  Triclosan free. PFAS free.  
  • Keep your perfect smile with no dentistry and no drills.  Just SWIPE after every drink/meal.
  • 30 swipes per container


Aloha Tooth Swipes shine your smile on the go!  Swipes are dry, just like floss.  Small enough to fit in your pocket and strong enough to avoid dental drills.  This revolutionary biodegradable swipe is designed to polish teeth while scrubbing away sugars, plaque, and stains/acids (think coffee, tea, soda, kombucha, lemon water - yes they can all stain and erode your teeth if not swiped off quickly!).   The infusion of coconut oil and nanohydroxyapatite is like a delightful daily vitamin for your teeth and gums.  Zero waste and pure Aloha.  Happy Swiping!